Social Media Strategy & integration

Social Media is a two-way street: engage, listen and respond!

Social Media is defined as tools that allow people to engage in two-way communication digitally through common platforms on the Web and mobile devices. Some platforms you may know are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, the major players in this arena and all available through mobile device versions of their tools. Email is also a common platform but simply not as convenient relative to the new generations of users as email does not do a very good job at conveniently displaying, tracking or sharing conversations. This is the heart of the new Social Media paradigm.

By engaging in Social Media you will be empowered

a) Share information easily and quickly to a broad audience

b) Grow that audience through your own, and more importantly your audience's, use of the Social Media tools, and

c) Be able to track and understand what users are saying about your organization and ideas so that you can quickly respond, on the same platform.

Empowering your users!

Social Media empowers your audience to voice their concerns, ask questions and receive responses. It is a vast peer-to-peer networking tool that cannot simply be achieved through conventional websites. A well-orchestrated Social Media strategy will allow you another powerful avenue to engage with thousands, perhaps millions of new listeners.

We would like to discuss with you your outreach goals and apply them to conversations around Social Media.  By understanding your needs and resources we can help you determine a Social Media strategy that will work well for your organization. It may be that you start simple and slow, get used to the tools and tasks, then slowly build your involvement. Or you may be ready for a more concentrated and widespread effort! We will also discuss management, pros and cons of various scenarios and help determine a budget that suits your needs.

What Fuse IQ will do for you:

  • Marketing objectives and performance metrics
  • Social media brand extension
  • Value proposition & voice
  • Core social media audience identification
  • Strategy and tactics by platform
  • Editorial calendar/content ideas Recommendations for budget, training and ongoing development of blog, social media platforms and web content

Drupal powered!

Drupal is a great platform to get integrated with your Social Media channels. There are literally hundreds of modules dedicated to integrating Twitter, Facebook, Feedback tools,, and so much more. Contact us today how we can simply and easily help you integrate your Drupal website with these powerful tools.